15,000 Nepali die every year from tobacco use

Bhaktapur, May 30: Some 15,000 Nepalis die every year from various health-related problems caused by the consumption of tobacco products, the data shows.

Though the Tobacco Products (Regulation and Control Act) is in force since 2011, its effective enforcement is still awaited. Over Rs 10 billion is spent every year in the purchase of tobacco products.
According to a study, over Rs 15 billion is spent in the treatment of non-communicable diseases caused by tobacco use. Some 52 percent men and 13.3 women in Nepal consume tobacco and tobacco products, the Demographic Health Survey report shows.
Some five percent pregnant women and seven percent nursing women smoke cigarettes.
Tobacco products consumers are vulnerable to asthma, coughing, cancer and heart-diseases, Health Right and Tobacco Control District Network Bhaktapur coordinator Ratnashwori Chawal said.
Chawal insisted on the launching of public awareness campaign from the government and people’s level against the consequences of smoking and consumption of tobacco products.
The world is celebrating the World No Tobacco Day tomorrow or May 31. RSS

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